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Nutritional Supplements
15% Off

Clive De Carle's site has an amazing wealth of knowledge around vitamins, plants, minerals, restorative technologies, and natural remedies. 

We really like & personally use:

  • Fulvic Minerals (in home made distilled water)

  • Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)

  • C60 Charcoal

  • Organic MSM Sulfer

  • Can-C

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Organic & Natural Whole Foods
10% Off

This is where we get our protein products from. Specifically, we like 2 main products:

  • Organic whey protein (concentrate) -Unflavored

  • Diet meal replacement - ProVibe

Sports Enhancement
40% off

There are a wide variety of modulators available on this site ranging from cardio improving effects, muscle builders, and fat burners.

We fully recommend you do your own search for information around these products before using them. Handle responsibly!

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Alexia Somerville is a one of the most credible & incredible fashion stylist in the history of the industry. She is a main contributor to The Kodokan & designs all the products & handles the full spectrum branding.