Frequently asked questions

What is your class schedule at The Kodokan?

Our class schedule can be found on our home page under the "Training" Link.

Why can't I find your prices listed on the website?

At what ages do you enroll children?

The Kodokan Kids Academy generally admits students from the age of 5 years old, however this may vary depending upon the child's aptitude and interest. We're very keen to make sure that each child is developed individually and that the skills they'll be learning are developed around their natural interests and abilities. There's also a great stress on learning new abilities that may push them well out of their comfort zones as these early years are the primary time to be expanding their view on how to handle and excel when met with various challenges. Certainly, they'll be needing these skills much later in life...

Our children's program does cap at twelve years old though. We generally take the view that children entering their teen years will be facing young adult hood very soon and so we stress the importance of stepping into the other varied classes in order to further prepare themselves for success in an adult's world.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your child's interests, please email us directly at

Do you offer beginners classes?

Yes, we do offer beginners classes. You can view them on the main schedule under the "Training" link.

If you're interested in trying Jiu-Jitsu with us at The Kodokan it's imparative that you email or call us first to book in a trial session. We do not allow walk in's for any reason. Only members are admitted as we are a private members club, however once you've tried a class and you are absolutely certain that you love it admittance and membership can be discussed from then.

Our aim is to make sure our members are all cohesive and work together to make the strongest and most enjoyable atmosphere possible.