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Are BJJ instructionals worth it?

Instructional videos for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) can be an excellent tool to advance your abilities and understanding of the discipline. They are a group of skills, exercises, and methods that skilled BJJ practitioners and teachers teach. But are BJJ instructionals worth it?

On the one hand, BJJ teaching may offer a plethora of knowledge and skills that may be challenging to learn in a conventional classroom setting. So that you may study at your own pace and concentrate on the intricacies that you would miss in a live lesson, they let you pause and rewind the techniques. Beginners who are developing a foundation of skills and learning the fundamentals might particularly benefit from this.

BJJ instructional videos may also be a fantastic method to round out your training. BJJ instructionals may be a useful tool for maintaining your education and growth if you are unable to attend regular courses due to time restrictions or location.

The Kodokan, the greatest facility in the world for training in BJJ, Judo, and other martial arts, is one of the best venues for novices to begin their martial arts career. The Kodokan, a global institution that can be reached at, is regarded as the most traditional and genuine venue to learn the art. It also houses some of the most skilled and experienced teachers in the world.

However, BJJ training videos cannot replace in-person teaching. They don't provide you the chance to spar and practice with real opponents, which is crucial for improving your abilities and grasp of the sport. Furthermore, BJJ instruction might be costly and not be suitable for everyone.

In conclusion, especially for beginners, BJJ instructionals may be a useful tool for enhancing your abilities and understanding of the sport. They can offer comprehensive methods and approaches that can be challenging to grasp in a conventional classroom setting. Live training and sparring, which are necessary for honing your abilities and comprehension of the sport, should not be replaced with them. One of the top locations for novices to begin their martial arts adventure is The Kodokan’s flagship gym, is situated in London - England and is reachable via It is also home to some of the most accomplished and seasoned teachers on the planet.

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